7 Candy Jars To Give Visitors A Warm Welcome

Add this to your living room table today

Make the visit of the next guest to enter your home a memorable one; not only with kind words but also with warm gestures. One way to do that is with a candy jar. Fill yours up with cookies, chocolates or dry fruits and give it a place of pride on your coffee table. The next time a friend, young one or visitor drops it, they won't forget the (literally) sweet gesture of being offered from it. Furnish your living room with these 7 candy jars that we've picked out. Crystal Butterfly Candle Holder

7 Candy Jars To Give Visitors A Warm Welcome

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The AVS Stores Copper Pineapple is a copper plated stainless steel jar shaped like a pineapple that won't just provide storage but also add an eclectic look to your room. It also includes a straw so that it can be used as a cocktail glass.

The EZ Life Jar is a handcrafted glass jar that comes on an ornate black metal stand with a matching lid that makes it look like nothing less than a showpiece.

The Chumbak Printed Ceramic Jar is a pink ceramic jar with gold lettering printed on it and a bamboo lid that goes on top.

The MyGift Apothecary Jars are a set of 3 transparent glass jars that can be stacked on top of each other and store different types of sweets without mixing them.

The Velkro Candy Jar is a rectangular shaped clear patterned acrylic jar with a silicone fastened lid.

The Famacart Small Candy Jar is a small transparent glass jar with an elaborately cut lid.

The Homies International Glass Jar is a clear ribbed glass jar with a white ceramic lid which has a bird on top.

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Add this to your living room table today.

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