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Pro-Shield is a new and innovative B125 access solutions cover, specifically designed for residential applications. Constructed of lightweight and durable glass filled nylon, it delivers strength, safety and security for multi-fit applications on driveways or pedestrian areas. Cast Iron Pipe For Water Drainage

PRO-SHIELD FROM CLARK-DRAIN | Specification Online

Unique honeycomb structure – inspired by nature, the unique honeycomb design makes Pro-Shield exceptionally strong and resilient. With a load bearing of 12.5 tonnes, Pro-Shield is ideal for areas where heavier vehicles park or cross.

Lightweight for easy installation - made of glass filled nylon, Pro-Shield is significantly below manual handling regulations, allowing it to be carried single-handedly with ease. Resulting in quicker install times and reduced labour costs.

Safe and secure - Pro-Shield is dual lockable to ensure secure fitment. With a 450mm clear opening, 350mm reducer ring available and unique slip-resistant surface tread pattern, it offers the highest levels of safety and mitigates against the risk of accidents.

Resilient – Pro-Shield offers increased resilience for optimum product life span. This new B125 cover has high chemical resistance, high tensile strength, more heat resistance than polyethylene and is incredibly hard wearing.

Environmentally-friendly – Pro-Shield is recycled and recyclable at end of life.

Innovated, designed and manufactured in the UK, our new B125 access cover Pro-Shield is just the latest in our family of products for residential applications. For more details about Pro-Shield, contact us on 01733 765317 or

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PRO-SHIELD FROM CLARK-DRAIN | Specification Online

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