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MSI MS-98M3 3.5-inch SBC is made for autonomous mobile robots - CNX Software

MSI is better known for its consumer-grade motherboard and mini PCs, but they also have a division called MSI IPC (industrial PC) that makes embedded hardware such as the MS-98M3 3.5-inch single board computer (SBC) powered by an Intel Tiger Lake UP3 processor and designed for autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

The SBC supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, SATA and NVMe storage, offers two 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports, up to four display interfaces with HDMI, DisplayPort, LVDS and/or eDP,  four USB 3.2 ports, M.2 expansion sockets for storage and wireless connectivity, as well as various other internal headers.

MSI MS-98M3 SBC is apparently made for robots running Windows, as by default, the company offers support for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC (64-bit, RS5),  Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC (64-bit, 21H2), and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise (64-bit, 21H2, Pre-scan), although customers can also request support for Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit and custom Linux 64-bit images built with the Yocto Project 3.1.

One example of a robot based on the board is the AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI, a complete AMR smart hospital robot that can eliminate germs in the environment at close range, and move autonomously to specific fields such as surgery rooms or wards. MSI claims the robot can inactivate the SARS-COV2 virus within seconds “under research conditions” thanks to the integrated 253.7nm wavelength UVGI ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light.

The company did not provide availability and pricing information. More details about MSI MS-98M3 3.5-inch SBC, such as the user manual and datasheet, can be found on the product page, and the MSI AMR robot also has its own dedicated page. Further information may also be found on the press release.

Thanks to TLS for the tip.

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The density of connectors on this board is impressive. I’m wondering to what extent a mobile robot needs two 2.5G ethernet interfaces however, I guess the board is rather a multi-purpose one that may *also* be used in robots.

True. Quite similar to Lenovo/HP/Dell/Acer mini-pc. But passive cooled, more compact with more header.

In action at Computex earlier this year, the robot that is.

Curious about the power consumption. If executed right, they could sip power when idle; but still around 2x or more the ARM SBCs idle power.

MSI MS-98M3 3.5-inch SBC is made for autonomous mobile robots - CNX Software

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