Two-pin plugs

According to the Electrical Accessories Regulations, any electrical accessory should not be fitted with a plug that does not fit the Maltese three-pin socket directly, but a conversion plug must be fitted by the retailer. The conversion plug must be fitted in such a way that a tool is required to remove it.

This does not apply to: Pin Transformer

Two-pin plugs

• Any fixed luminaire, being a luminaire which cannot be moved easily from one place to another, either because it can only be removed through the use of a tool, or because it is intended for use out of easy reach;

• Any ceiling-rose connector (a connector designed to power up overhead electric lighting fittings).

• Any electric light designed and intended to be located within a recess in a wall or ceiling.

• Any electrical equipment fitted with a red plug (Maltese type three-pin plug with an auxiliary sensing circuit which automatically disconnects the main circuit at a predetermined current, according to MSA BS 1363).

• Any electrical equipment fitted with a plug transformer.

• Any electrical equipment fitted with a plug other than a standard plug which is designed to engage with a compatible portable multiple socket outlet.

• Any electrical equipment intended to be permanently connected to the fixed wiring of the mains system other than by means of a plug and socket.

The need for a conversion plug is primarily for safety reasons and to prevent people from suffering electrical shocks when trying to insert a non-Maltese plug into a Maltese socket outlet.

For more information, call the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority on 2395 2000.

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Two-pin plugs

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